The difference between printers that use DTF modules and without DTF modules

If you are just starting a DTF printing business, there may be a number of obstacles when they want to start this business. Currently there are many types of digital printing that are out on the market, one type of printing that is quite popular and in demand is DTF printing because with its very simple method the price is also affordable for beginners who just want to start a digital printing business.

The DTF digital printing technique or Digital Transfer Film has advantages including sharp and durable results on t-shirts. Another advantage of DTF that is highly favored by buyers is its good quality and color which does not fade easily and is very solid. The results have proven to be much more satisfying than the old version, namely DTG or Direct To Garment.

Currently there are many people who are interested in custom t-shirt printing in order to get clothes that are unique, unusual, and can describe their personality. That is why the t-shirt printing business is increasingly rampant and very easy to find.

Now, for beginners, they usually only have mediocre capital, so there are not a few beginners who want to make their own DTF printer. You can see that there are lots of variations in the price of DTF printers, ranging from 12 million to 50 million. And from here, there are many beginners who repair their own printers to make them desktop versions of DTF printers. For its own benefit, it is also quite good because by making your own DTF printer, the budget spent to open a DTF printing business becomes more efficient and does not require a lot of capital.

Usually these beginners start their DTF printing business by making their own DTF printer by buying a used printer, it can be the Epson L805 type or it can also be a large version such as the Epson 1390 or Epson L1800.

The reason for choosing to make your own DTF Printer.

There are lots of reasons why as a beginner you want to make your own A3 DTF Printer. Many people believe that DTF printing or Digital Transfer Film is much better than manual screen printing. And why do you prefer to make your own DTF Printer, pay attention to several reasons as below.

1. Cost efficiency

It is clear that the cost for beginners will be cheaper because you can make it themselves at home without having to buy a new DTF printer.

2. Can be a technician himself when there is a problem.

When there is a problem, of course, you will fix it themselves with the expertise that you have. If you are able to make your own A3 DTF Printer, it is certain that your knowledge will also increase to become a DTF printer technician.

3. If you want to add an A3 DTF Printer, you don’t need to buy a new DTF Printer.

This one thing is very important because when there are many orders, there must be funds to have a new DTF printer by making it yourself, and the cost is of course not expensive if you make it themselves.

In terms of making your own DTF printer, of course, you must have expertise in disassembling and assembling their own DTF printers, of course the equipment must also be equipped as completely as possible so that in the process you don’t feel confused when disassembling the printer that will be used as a DTF printer. There are several methods if you want to make a DTF printer, some use modules for DTF printers, some don’t use DTF printer modules, so you, you can check below for more details when you want to assemble their own DTF printer. .

DTF printers that do not use DTF Modules

DTF printers, of course, use Pet Film as a material for printing DTF t-shirts, now of course this Printer will later pull the Pet Film paper into the printer, usually DTF Printers that don’t use DTF Modules need inducement so that the Pet Film is pulled into the Printer and can immediately printing on Pet Film, but in reality DTF Printers that do not use the DTF Module will experience difficulties when they want to insert Pet Film into a DTF Printer without this module.

Usually, Pet film will lose or continue without printing, why is it like this? This is because the sensor whose job it is to read paper is unable to read the Pet Film material that will enter the Printer, so the Pet film continues to pass, aka Loss. In this case, a trick needs to be made so that the Pet film is not lost, namely by sticking a paper tape on the left end so that the paper sensor can read the material that will enter the printer and finally the Pet Film is read as paper material that will be printed into the printer. However, in this way, sometimes the Pet film rarely goes smoothly into the printer, there are only 1 or 2 pet films that experience loss when inserted and cannot run the Print DTF command.

DTF printers that use DTF Modules

As discussed above, of course, DTF printers use Pet Film as a material for printing DTF shirts, now that’s just rightti This printer will later pull the Pet Film paper into the printer. If you use the DTF Printer Module, you can use the forward and backward buttons to insert the Pet Film into the DTF Printer. If Pet Film often loses because it doesn’t use the DTF Module, then by using the DTF Module there is no longer a case called Loss Pet Film because it already uses a module to advance the Pet Film forward and backward, so the Pet Film is automatically read by the system from the Module installed on the DTF Printer.

Reconsider when you want to make their own DTF Printer, our advice is that you should use a DTF Module so that later the Pet Film does not often lose or cannot be read by the paper sensor. Because if you don’t use the DTF Module, there will be many problems and problems when Print DTF is run.

Now, if you have read this article, the difference between a printer that uses a DTF module and one without a DTF module is sure to get enlightened you to make their own DTF printer. Thank you and good luck.

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