The Advantage Using Modified A3 Flatbed UV Led Printer

As we know, so many UV printers on the market, whether they come from the manufacturer or many are produced in China and sold by Indonesian vendors. Maybe some enthusiasts in the UV printing business have problems with accurate information whether the machine they buy is good or not. Find out about the advantages using modified A3 Flatbed UV Led Printer.

For UV A3 printers, this modification is produced by many vendors in Indonesia. But still there are problems with the machines which made by the A3 UV Printer vendors. And we will discuss them in this article.

If you guys don’t know what a Modified A3 Flatbed UV Led Printer is, I will explain a little about UV Printers. As the name implies, UV printers are printers using UV light or ultra violet light. Ink that is spilled or sprayed onto materials will be strengthened by UV rays, for example metal materials, plates, glass and others.

Why should you use an A3 Flatbed UV Printer?

Maybe you still curious about the UV printing business and whether this business makes profit or not? Let’s find out here.

Why do we have to use UV Printer A3?The answer is very profitable, besides being able to print on various media, UV printing is also very friendly to the environment, because the ink smell doesn’t too strong. But even though the smell is not overpowering, you need to pay attention for safety, such as not being able to touch the skin directly because it will cause itching. So keep in mind that UV ink is not very suitable if it comes into contact with the skin, especially on the skin of the hands.

What can we print using UV Printer A3 ?

1. HP Case Printing.

Recently, mobile phone’s need for many people is very high, you could say that everyone needs cellphone facilities to communicate, browse and play games. It means, if many people have cellphones, they definitely need something called a casing so that their cellphones are not easily damaged or avoid hard impacts. Therefore, many business people are looking at this cellphone casing printing business. Apart from the very contrasting and sharp colors, customers can also custom print casings, so this is very promising business opportunity.

2. Printing Custom E-tolls.

If you know that there are lots of business opportunities from this UV printer, one of them is printing e-toll cards. If you count the number of users of 4-wheeled vehicles, there are very many of them, this mean they use E-toll cards as a facility when they want to pass toll roads or freeways. So from here, there are some people who also want their E-toll cards become, personalized, unique and attractive image. Therefore, soe people want to print custom E-toll cards and this is a promising business.

3. Acrylic Custom Printing.

When you have interesting ideas, you can also be applied to Acrylic media, for example, when a photo is printed on Acrylic, whether it’s clear or white acrylic. There are many variants of clear acrylic which you can print, such as people’s names or award certificates. It would be very interesting if you could design and print it on clear acrylic.

There is also a print in clear acrylic for photos as a display that is placed on the office desk as a sweetener for the office space, and even then it can also be an idea for an acrylic printing business opportunity.

4. Printing Custom Bottles or tumblers.

Please note that there are bottles that are rounded, circular or square. For customer habits, usually they often want to print tumbler bottles with company images or logos. This is also very promising business area for UV print businesses.

5. Print UV on ID card.

It’s no different from UV printing on E-toll cards, this business is also very promising.With careful calculations, the return on investment will also be fast. Printing ID Cards is also very easy for beginners to do in the A3 UV Print business. By printing on ID cards, you have lots of “market” ideas to target, please sell on the marketplace about printing ID cards using UV A3 printers.

There are lots of ideas for custom UV Printer printing businesses

Of course, if you have a Modified A3 UV Led Flatbed Printer, there are sure to be lots of ideas that will come out of your minds. I don’t know where it came from, of course this UV printer is very fast in providing very unique ideas. Please just try searching on Youtube what can be printed using the UV A3 Printer, there will be lots of examples that can generate new ideas later.

If you want to buy an A3 UV Flatbed Printer machine, please click here. Greetings of success and good luck trying.

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