The A3 UV printing business returns quickly

The modified A3 flatbed UV printer is a digital printing UV printer capable of producing much higher print quality and high resolution. The printed images are assisted with the help of UV or ultraviolet light.

Printer UV Flatbed

This UV printer is very promising for every beginner who wants to open a business because the benefits are really visible. From a creativity that friends have and if in the right hands it will produce very good results

Modified A3 Flatbed UV Printer and Roll to Roll UV Printer

There are two types of UV technology printers that are most well-known and most widely used in Indonesia and in China, namely UV roll to roll and UV flatbed printers. There is a difference between the two? The difference is of course from the shape of the printer. If a UV Flatbed Printer uses a Tray to place the material to be printed, while a UV Roll to Roll Printer uses roll or roll printing media as used in various other digital printing machines. This tool is often used to print advertisements that utilize outdoor media because of its very strong quality and resistance to sunlight.

Meanwhile, the UV flatbed A3 printer is a printing machine used to print on media that is more rigid, such as wood, glass, acrylic, and so on. Then the media or material will also pass through the printhead which moves to the right and left.

The Modified A3 Flatbed UV Printer that we made uses a Big Motor for propulsion, namely the Tray that goes forward and backward and the Lift Tray as a means for the Printer to go up and down.

Special Ink for UV Flatbed Printer A3

The A3 flatbed UV printer uses special ink, specifically for UV printers. Its characteristics are not the same as other inks such as eco solvent or dye ink which are often used in the printing world. There are several things that make UV inks different from inks in general, namely:

1. UV inks can be used to print on various media, especially hard materials, apart from indoor media, they can also be used on outdoor materials. You can even use this special ink to print on ceramic, stainless, aluminum, glass, wood and acrylic materials.

2. With this special ultraviolet ink, you can print various objects. For example, printing wallpapers, stickers, canvas, tumblers, plastic, power banks, flash drives, lighters, sandals, plastic PE bottles to guitar okulele can also be printed on this A3 UV Printer.

3. UV ink will not dry because the ink that is sprayed through the printhead will be dried with UV light. Later, the UV ink will stick to the surface of the media and begin to dry after being highlighted with the light from the ultraviolet lamp.

How to calculate HPP for UV A3 print business

Why are more business owners interested in using this high-tech printer? One of the reasons is because this cheap UV printer comes with lots of advantages. Cost of goods sold (COGS) is an important element in the financial statements. This term is indeed often used in the world of business, finance, and accounting as an element of the production costs of every trading company.

If you are going to compile financial reports, especially profit and loss statements, then by calculating the cost of goods sold the profit or loss of the company can be known. The correct COGS calculation can of course affect the accuracy of the profits that the company achieves. In order to get a correct, rational and reasonable calculation of COGS for a trading company, we must identify the components that determine it, then calculate it using the formula.

Before we tell you how to calculate UV print capital, what you should know is that the settings used for A3 UV prints use standard settings using the acroRIP 903 software, which can be seen below :

    • White Resolution : 1440 x 720 dpi
    • Color Resolution : 1440 x 720 dpi
    • Image Type : Photo
    • Ink (Color dot size): Medium + Large
    • Ink (White dot size): Medium + Large
    • Color Settings : 80%
    • Setting White : 100%

Approximately how much is the production cost for this UV Print:

Calculating HPP Print UV A3 print with an example of an HP casing

Plain HP Casing Prices:

Rp. 5,000

Price of UV Ink per HP Case:

Rp. 100

UV Print Price:

Rp. 1,500 / pcs

Electricity Cost per HP Case:

Rp. 1,000 / pcs

To print HP casing, you need CMYK + White ink. Now, per square cm costs Rp. 25, so for the size per pcs of HP casing, it is usually 7x15cm and the printing cost is only Rp. 1,500 rupiah, not very cheap.

For profit from every day it may be uncertain, maybe today there are lots of orders, maybe tomorrow is less order, but if we take the average amount per month something like this:

HP Casing Selling Price:

Rp. 80,000 x 100 pcs a day = 8,000,000


Profit in 1 day for 25 days:

IDR 8,000,000 – (7,600 x 200) x 25 days = 162,000,000

If you look at the benefits, it’s quite fantastic, because the UV Flatbed UV A3 printer alone costs Rp. 38,000,000, so in just 1 month, you can certainly get a quick return on investment. And of course everything back to marketing, both Offline and Online, don’t worry, now is the online era, so you just prepare advertising costs on marketplaces like Tokopedia, guaranteed to sell well. Keep trying and good luck.

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