How to replace the Epson Printhead Manifold Nozzle Pole

On this occasion I would like to share knowledge about how to replace the Epson L1800 or 1390 nozzle stud on both a DTF Printer and a DTG Printer. It’s a good idea, you, to read this entire article first so you don’t miss information on how to replace the Epson Printhead Head Manifold Nozzle Pole.

printhead manifold change

Often when we are doing a lot of work printing individual t-shirts, there are problems that arise as a result of our not routinely maintaining DTF or DTG printers. Sometimes when you have done a lot of cleaning procedures, you forget, now that’s one of the reasons why print results on DTF printers or DTG printers are not optimal.

One example of an incident caused by us not cleaning the printhead, usually the white ink is not concentrated on the print results, be it printing on Pet Film or printing directly on t-shirts. There are lots of problems when daily maintenance procedures are not paid attention to.

Clean the Printhead so it doesn’t get clogged

Of course you have tried several t-shirt printing methods including DTG Print or Direct To Garment, so that was before, you, now is the time to switch to the DTF print method which is very practical and the price is very cheap and the quality doesn’t spoil easily. However, it is unavoidable if we often do t-shirt printing or tshirt printing, suddenly the print results are not thick. Now, one of the steps we have to do is usually cleaning first, we can do it repeatedly when we run the Cleaning Printer, after that we do the Nozzle Check to see the maximum results.

For the main way to clean the printhead so that it doesn’t clog, the main step is to just clean the head, then check the nozzle. There is a certain trick so that the straw on the printer pump works optimally, namely when it is being cleaned, it is flushed with cleaner liquid into the foam of the capping station so that the conditions in the capping station pump do not a lot of ink clumps. So if this procedure is carried out, the performance of sucking the printhead into the pump will be maximized and the printhead will not get stuck. For how to care for the Printhead so that it doesn’t clog, there is a video below that you can learn about. Please watch the video.

Steps to Replace the Epson L1800/1390 Print Head Manifold Nozzle Pole

If you have carried out cleaning procedures such as cleaning heads and flushing but it is still clogged, then further actions need to be taken such as replacing the nozzle pole. Why need to replace the nozzle pole? the answer is yes, of course it is very necessary to maximize printhead performance when cleaning the head. If the nozzle post has been replaced, the nozzle hole at the top will automatically have no lumps of ink which makes it difficult for the printhead to be sucked up by the capping station pump, so the nozzle pole needs to be replaced. To replace the nozzle pole there are several tricks and tutorials like the method below.

1. Prepare a new Manifold nozzle rod.

The first is definitely you, you need to prepare a nozzle pole to replace the old nozzle pole.

how to change printhead manifold 01

2. Open the screw at the bottom of the printhead.

After preparing the nozzle pole then next unscrew the three screws at the bottom of the printhead.

how to change printhead manifold

3. Remove the Printhead seal guard.

Then remove the iron or Printhead Seal protector at the bottom of the Printhead.

how to change printhead manifold 02

4. Pry the bottom head of the Printhead.

Then pry gently at the bottom of the Printhead.

how to change manifold printhead

5. Remove the lower part of the printhead.

After that, slowly remove the lower part of the Printhead head.

change manifold printhead

6. Take a new nozzle pole.

After that, you, take the new nozzle pole that you want to replace.

how to change manifold printhead

7. Install the new nozzle post.

Then you install the new nozzle pole.

how to change manifold printhead

8. Install the printhead protective iron.

Then reinstall the printhead protective iron.

how to change the new manifold printhead

9. Install the Printhead screws.

Then you, attach the three screws slowly, for the first time, don’t tighten them right away, if the three screws are already installed, then you can tighten the screws.

how to change the new manifold printhead

10. Replace the Printhead to the DTG Printer or DTF Printer.

If everything is installed correctly, then you, attach the Printhead to the DTG Printer or DTF Printer.

how to change the manifold printhead

For you as a beginner, don’t worry when changing the nozzle rod because if you don’t practice it, you won’t have the experience to repair a clogged printhead. You, all you have to do is follow the tutorial on our YouTube channel, namely Vallen Digital Print, on the YouTube channel it explains a lot about how to completely replace the Manifold head nozzle pole.

For you who want to buy a nozzle pole, you can search on the Tokopedia marketplace with the keyword “Manifold Head Printhead Nozzle Pole”. Later there will be various kinds of shops offering nozzle poles at lower prices different.

For DTG printers and DTF printers, the method is the same as replacing the nozzle pole, it’s just that the difference is when you disassemble the printer. Please see other videos on the Vallen Digital Print Youtube channel so you can learn how to take apart DTG Printers and DTF Printers. For a more complete tutorial, you, you can see the video below. Keep trying and good luck.

So if you buy a DTF printer from us, you don’t need to worry because we take care of it and it is guaranteed, our tutorial is also very complete, so if you have trouble, you can consult with us or you can also watch video tutorials. We are at Vallen Digital Print.

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