How to replace the Dinamo Motor Carriage on a DTG Printer

DTG printers, or commonly called Direct To Garment, are special printers whose method is to print directly on t-shirts. The DTG Automatic Printer Machine is very easy to use and printing DTG t-shirts is also quite practical. All you have to do is insert the t-shirt into the printer which is installed on the DTG t-shirt tray.

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Direct To Garment Printer is a very promising business opportunity among businessmen or beginners because there are many enthusiasts who print custom t-shirts with designs that can be ordered individually, if you run this business it is called Unit T-Shirt Printing business. The quality results are not inferior to manual screen printing results because the DTG print has no color limit, which is different from screen printing. DTG screen printing has long been abandoned, but with the direct printing method on t-shirts, it turns out that there are still many people in demand because the texture of the t-shirt material that has been screened by DTG is very comfortable to wear.

For beginners, this DTG Printer Machine is quite expensive, now the DTG Automatic type is still around 18 million. With prices that are not cheap, MSME entrepreneurs have to be more careful in using them because if the DTG machine is damaged, the circulation of money in this business will not run smoothly. In general, problems with DTG Printers are usually a dead-end Printhead, but what we are discussing this time is the movement of the Printhead housing or the Carriage Unit, whose movements are often suddenly slow. This problem is indeed quite rare because this problem is rarely encountered.

The slow-moving cartridge housing is an obstacle for these DTG businessmen. It’s actually quite easy to overcome, all that’s left is to apply Singer oil to the shaft carriage, so the problem is resolved.

Steps to Replace the Carriage Motor on a DTG Printer

If the Carriage Unit Shaft has been given Singer oil and is still experiencing slow printing problems, it is necessary to take steps to replace the CR Motor, usually even when shifting it manually the results are still heavy because the CR motor has problems. How to replace a CR motorbike is actually quite easy, there are a few things you need to prepare first, namely a small screwdriver or a plus screwdriver to open the CR Dinamo. If you want to buy a CR dynamo, you can search on the Tokopedia Marketplace with the keyword “CR L1800 Motor”, so you will find the CR dynamo that you are looking for. Find out more about how to replace the CR motor on a DTG Automatic printer.

1. The first step is to open the printer body, both the side body and the top and back body.

how to replace motor cr

2. Open the printer’s power panel

how to replace cr motor

3. Unscrew the center of the printer

how to replace cr motor

4. Open the printer casing

how to replace CR Motor

5. Unscrew the CR Motor

How to replace CR Motor

By following all of the procedures above, it is hoped that the user will be able to fix the DTG Printer itself which is experiencing slow printing when in the middle of printing t-shirts. This is actually reasonable because if a DTG printer machine that is often used also will experience problems over time.

If you have replaced the new Dinamo CR but the problem is still the same, namely it is still slow when printing, another thing that needs to be done is to replace the new mainboard, but usually this is rarely a problem with the motherboard if the damage is slow printing, usually only because the iron Shaft Carriage is dirty or other problems, you only need to replace the CR motor.

Before you replace the mainboard on the DTG Printer, it’s a good idea for you to use the Epson L1800 Resetter Program so you can fix the mainboard which has slow print problems. To fix it, you, just open the L1800 Resetter, then you can flash Eeprom. What is an Eeprom mainboard, is an electronic part capable of storing a number of configuration data on electronic devices. So if a DTG printer, especially on Slow Moving Printers, you can take the Flash Eeprom step.

You can open the L1800 Resetter then you can back up the old eeprom data first then you can flash the eeprom with the latest file. This is quite easy because the work process is very simple.

This the article How to replace the Dinamo Motor Carriage on a DTG Printer, I hope you can practice it and the DTG Printer will return to normal and the movement of the Carriage unit will no longer be slow. Keep trying and good luck.