How to Overcome DTF ink is less concentrated

T-shirt printing units for DTF printers are currently viral and are in great demand by some small business. This Digital Transfer Film or DTF Direct To Film printing can print images in various colors according to the design on the computer without any color restrictions. The resulting colors are very bright and dense, but there are a number of cases why the ink used for DTF printing is not white in color, find out the reason here.

Automatic t-shirt printing, which is done by using a special printer such as a DTF printer, will print images in various colors according to the design from the computer. Then the design will be applied to the fabric surface by transferring the image from the Pet Film to the t-shirt material with the help of a Press Machine. You can see the video on how to print DTF below.

Tools Used for DTF Printing

In getting to know the world of DTF printing, there are things that are needed to run a DTF printing business, including the following.

1. DTF A3 printer modification

There are also DTF printers that are DTF Large Format, but what we use as beginners is using the A3 Roll To Roll DTF Printer. Because if this business is pursued, the results will also be large so that business people can develop their business with minimal capital.

We produce a modified Roll to Roll A3 DTF Printer which is cheap but high quality. To buy it, you can click here.

2. Special heating device

The special heating device in question is the DTF oven, you can use an oven at a low price, namely by using a gas oven, besides being cheap it is also easier and more economical to use than using an electric oven.

The image which has been printed on the Pet Film will be affixed to the fabric or t-shirt with the help of powder sprinkled on top of the material. Just for information, if you use a Hot Gun to melt the powder, it will take quite a long time compared to you using a cake oven or gas oven, besides that the heat is not evenly distributed so when the Pet Film is pulled from the shirt it is not sticky but light when pulled and leave no marks. And the printout will stick to the t-shirt material with the help of this adhesive powder.

3. Special press machine for cloth

A press machine measuring 38 x 38 cm is also sufficient for pressing t-shirts. In addition to the heat being evenly distributed, the strength results are very good. DTF ink and adhesive powder will be affixed to the cloth and pressed with a temperature between 145 to 165 degrees. This pressing process will last for 15 seconds and repeated again for 15 seconds. DTF printing results will be better and stick perfectly.

How to deal with non-concentrated ink on DTF printouts

In the process, DTF printing is very easy to do, but there are times when we have urgent jobs that are hampered because the DTF white matter is less dense. So, if you experience something like this, the main step that must be done is to clean the printhead first, then do a check nozzle.

However, if the two processes are still the white ink is not thick, then there are other things that must be done to overcome the less concentrated white ink or less solid white ink.

1. Pay attention to the dumper where the ink is used.

There are several problems with non-concentrated white ink, including the ink dumper, which may have been damaged or the dumper chamber has leaked, so the ink straws when cleaned are not optimal. If this happens, immediately replace it with a new dumper because this will also prevent the white ink from being less concentrated.

2. Dirty ink hose.

In general, DTF A3 printers use modified hoses such as infusion tubes, but if you use DTF A3 L1800 printers, the hoses come from the Epson factory, so the hoses are quite durable even though they are already filled with DTF ink.

It should also be noted that if the hose is not smooth, then please suck up the hose by using an injection or a syringe through the bottom of the cartridge and restore the ink that was in the injection into the ink tube.

3. The ink used is of poor quality.

If on a daily basis you use white ink to print normal results and suddenly it is not thick, that must also be considered. Many vendors sell cheap white ink, namely cheap and thick white ink, but don’t be tempted by cheap white ink prices which can damage the printhead so that the printout becomes less dark. Our advice is use special inks for DTF which have quality and bright results with quality-tested testimonials.

4. Pump capping station is dirty.

We definitely do DTF print jobs every day, from morning to night, now when you work, they do the Cleaning Head process and Nozzle Heads. If we often do head cleaning, there must be a lot of ink piles on the capping station or inside the pump, which is dirty, so performance cannot be maximized. Therefore, do it when the cleaning capping head is sprayed with cleaner liquid so that the hose on the capping station pump is always smooth.

From activities that are carried out every day when you want to open a shop until closing the shop, make sure the head cleaning is done regularly so that the DTF Printer does not experience thick white ink. Good luck.

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