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We are a manufacturer of DTG Printer machines and DTF Printer machines, we have produced a lot since 2013. We also sell DTG Printers and Modified DTF Printers that we make ourselves.

In addition, we also provide services for DTG and DTF printers, and because of that we are very experienced in the world of Digital Printing in the DTG and DTF printer parts.

We also sell tutorial videos on “How To Build Up DTG printer” using a manual drawer and an Automatic Plug and Play system, tutorial video “How To Build Up DTF Printer. And for now what is currently popular is the printing system. DTF or commonly referred to as Digital Transfer Film, therefore we also developed it by making a tutorial on how to build a DTF printer machine.

Why do we create video tutorials and also sell DTF Printer machines, because not everyone has a lot of money to start a business in many circles. They may be a lot of money and also easily buy a machine, but what if people who only have not so much money, then we provide a solution so that people or users can make their own DTF machine by watching our video tutorial.

Below are some videos of submissions to several countries that we have uploaded on YouTube, in fact we have sent a lot, but we haven’t had the chance to make the videos. And from now on we will always consistently make video submissions to several countries so that we can be trusted by many of our customers. Please visit some videos of the delivery of DTG Part and DTF parts, please watch and always be successful.

From the video above proves that we are very serious in terms of shipping goods to various worlds, and we will always update every shipment so that all our customers are very satisfied with our service, thank you and success for you.

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