Cheap DTF Printing with High Profit

So many types of screen printing are available today. One of the most famous printing techniques is the cheap DTF printing that stands for direct transfer film. This printing technique involves a special ink to transfer the design to film paper as its media.

Young people today are willing to make their own custom shirts with unique, unusual, and personalized design. That’s the reason behind so many new businesses in DTF printing can be found today.

If you are looking for a business idea with high profit, DTF printing would be a brilliant option. This business idea allows you to taste the profit in instance.

5 Reasons to Choose Cheap DTF Printing Business

There are a bunch of reasons why you should consider running this DTF printing business. Many believe that DTG printing or direct to garment printing is a much better option than DTF. Before choosing any business, below are some things to consider.

1. Brighter and clearer ink

DTF printing technique for custom shirts will produce brighter and sharper color combinations. Another thing that makes young people love DTF shirts is the excellent quality of the shirts. The image color can last forever.

Compared to manual printing, the results of DTF printing are way more incredible. No wonder many more people today are interested in starting a cheap DTF printing business.

2. Faster printing technique

Manual printing will take 2 hours or even days to finish. But with DTF printing technique, the printing process will only take between 15 and 25 minutes. The faster process of DTF printing makes more people willing to order shirts with DTF printing technique than the ones made with manual technique.

3. Full color printing

Another reason to consider starting a cheap DTF printing business is that the technique allows you to print full color design. There is no color limitation to create the most amazing shirts with DTF technique. The design you’ll print will have 3-dimension gradation that looks super unique.

This printing technique is the best one if you are going to print logos in smaller sizes, with more complicated designs, and involving more colors.

4. Printer with excellent technology

You’ll need an excellent quality DTF printer to start the business. This printer will process data from your computer and print the design on a media.

5. More durable design

Cheap DTF printing results will last forever. When the custom design is printed, the high quality design will make it smoother and sharper.

Quality Materials for Successful Printing Business

When you’re about to run a business, especially a printing business, there will be many preparations to make. Below is a list of things that will help you run your DTF printing business successfully. Make sure everything is ready before your cheap DTF printing business starts running.

1. Excellent quality shirts

Actually, almost any type of shirt can be an excellent material for DTF printing business. Tetron cotton, scuba, polyester, cotton bamboo, cotton combed, and cotton carded are some great quality shirts perfect for DTF printing business. Choose the best supplier to get quality shirts.

2. Lining fabric

Teflon fabric will be a nice option to prepare. Use Teflon fabric as the lining fabric to cover the shirt so that the printing result will be more optimal.

3. Quality DTF printer

To smoothen your printing process and create quality and stunning design, you need to prepare a quality printer designed for DTF. The printer should be able to print the design to a transfer film.

4. Transfer film

Another material to prepare before running a cheap DTF printing business is the special transfer paper. This type of paper is specifically designed to print the design using DTF technique.

5. The right inks

Your DTF printing business requires several types of ink. One of them is the white vator ink. You also need to prepare some special inks for DTF printing. Use the right ones to get the most satisfying results. Consider using pigment ink that will give you more solid and sharper prints with a more glossy effect.

6. Hot gun and printing powder

Hot gun is going to produce hot air to dry the printing results. Printing powder will coat the surface of a shirt when the design is being printed.

You’re ready to start your cheap DTF printing business.